Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fruit Basket

When it comes to body types most of us women are nothing but fruit.
That's right...apples and pears.

If you're an apple it means that your  body starts out in it's slimmest form  straight up and down (that means no real waistline) but usually "knockout" legs...slim and ready for a mini skirt and shorts. As you gain weight the excess moves right into your tummy and waist.

If you're a pear it means that your body starts out in it's slimmest form with a smaller chest area and defined waistline with a flat tummy ...ready for that bikini. As you gain weight the excess moves right into the hips and thighs.

And if you one of the rarest female forms, you'll be exempt from the fruit basket and simply be dubbed the "hourglass". That means that your shoulders and hips will be relatively the same measurements and your waistline will have a true definition. When this body type gains weight the excess is distributed evenly throughout the body.

I truly believe that all body types are beautiful and perfect just the way they are but as women, we are often times obsessed with what we were not born with...smaller hips, larger hips, tiny waistlines, smaller tummies, thinner thighs, etc. So if you take issue with the shape of your body then here are some tips for you to help achieve a more "well distributed" and slimmer appearance. 

If you're a pear...
Try to find tops and blouses that have shoulder emphasis. For example, tucks or shirring details at the shoulder or on the cap of the sleeve. This brings out the appearance of more width across the shoulder and helps to balance out the appearance of larger hips. And if you don't have or cannot find tops that do this then just try the good old fashioned shoulder pad (and bring back a bit of the 80's with you)...just  small, unnoticeable pads will do the trick. No need for football shoulders unless you're into that sort of thing.
You also do well with fitted tops which show off your beautiful waistline. No need to hide under oversized tops and tunics.

For bottoms, stick with pants that have bootcut or wider legs. For those that don't know, a bootcut legged pant slightly flairs out at the bottom. If they're really wide at the bottom they are referred to a bell bottoms, reminiscent of the good old 70's).
A wider leg pant leg helps to hide saddlebags and heavier thighs will give the appearance of a more even body shape from head to toe.
A-line skirts and skirts that flare at the bottom hem really do a lot to even out shape.

If you're a apple...
Look for tops and blouses that have waistline definition towards the center of the waist like shirring or  pleats to take the attention away from the side waist area and bring it front and center to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Or try tops that loosely cover the tummy area (no need for pregnancy tops). A little shirring or tucks under the bust can hide a whole lot of tummy. Slightly oversized or "blousy" tops will help hide the tummy, as well.

For bottoms, show off those legs! Skinny pants, pencil shaped skirts, shorts and mini skirts are your best friends. Just stay away from wider legged and bootcut leg pants. So go for the oversized tunic and skinny pant. It's a great and trendy look.

And finally...if you're the rare hourglass, have fun with it all!

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