Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The hottest fashion in confidence!

When I was in my twenties I went to a trendy new restaurant in Beverly Hills with my mother. My mother, walking tall and proud had a least 50 extra pounds she was carrying around and I was young, thin, dressed to kill and still trying to figure out who I was. We went to sit at the bar to wait for our table and found it was a serious "meat market". So of course, being young and single I started flirting with all these gorgeous guys...but something was wrong. All those "hottie's" were ignoring me. They all wanted to talk to my mother who was having the time of her life laughing and joking around with them. I didn't get it. I was so busy in my mind designing the wedding gown I would wear when I was married to one of these hot single guys that I didn't even get that what these guys were really attracted to was confidence...something my plus size mother had in spades. She had no clue she was heavy because she had been skinny most of her life and still saw herself that way...and guess what...so did all the guys hovering around her. And give me a break....she was old enough to be THEIR mother!

But confidence is everything and image is nothing when it comes to how others see us.

It's not really what we wear that makes a difference in our lives but how we FEEL about what we're wearing. And when we put something on that makes us feel slimmer, younger or sexier or all of the above we feel more confident...and that's the ticket to success!

Everything I make is designed to help a woman feel better about how she looks and feels. I first make sure that the stylelines are  flattering on most body types. For the tops, I then add a built in body shaper to help reduce bulges (nothing worse than having a muffin topper!), give more shape to the body and slenderize. For the pants, I build in tummy support panels to help flatter the profile and give a slimmer look. It sure beats having to buy separate body shapers to wear under your clothes ( I call them body armour) that are not only costly but are a  constant reminder that your just too fat for your own clothes. Talk about a loss of confidence!

I would love to hear from you about what your body issues are that keep you from feeling confident in how you look. Let's see what Slimfitter's can do for you.

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