Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Slimfitter's came to be

People always ask me how I went from being a high fashion designer to designing slimming clothes and the answer is really simple...I needed them! Motherhood took me from being a tall, skinny fashionista to being a  tall, skinny woman with a bulging belly. Menopause took me from  that to being a tall, slightly overweight woman in search of her waistline! What happened? 

Age happened but also something more than that. As I began to age I truly wanted to enjoy life without all the restrictions I had imposed on myself to stay skinny (meaning never ending dieting and deprivation). I wanted to eat, to enjoy life and for the first time I was actually learning how to live in the moment. And so I did....

But as the eating began I started seeing myself in the mirror resembling someone that looked more  like "Yabba the Hut" than myself. 

During this time I had opened a retail store where I designed and sold my own line of clothing. For the first time in my career I was hearing first hand not only how customers felt about my clothing but more important, how they felt about themselves...and it was a real eye opener! It seemed that I wasn't the only woman who likened herself to good old "Yabba". This was an epidemic. Almost every woman that walked into my store thought she had serious body issues and at least 10 lbs. to lose. Gorgeous, fantastic women picking themselves to pieces and loathing the beautiful bodies they had been given.
And they all resembled myself. Something had to be done!

As I was maturing and my body was changing I started becoming a "master of disguise". As a designer, it was easy for me to figure out how to dress and look slimmer and so it just seemed natural for me to start designing and developing clothing that would create a slimmer look for all using stylelines, proportions and inner construction that would help create this as well as creating a contemporary, youthful and fun look.

And so, Slimfitters was born.

It's been 12 years now and each day I feel so blessed that I can continue to help women feel better about themselves each time they put on my clothes. And feeling better about how we look helps us feel so much better about ourselves, others and the world we live in. And so I say, if we look great we feel great and if we feel great the world is ours to own!

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